We offer coaching and training sessions with focus on the agile mindset, frameworks, processes and tools. Since every company is unique, there is no standard solution that fits all. It is a team effort, but the work will mainly be done by you as a company and our role is supportive.

Our services are custom-made and depend on where you are in your upcoming or ongoing agile transformation. Together we will focus on laying a solid foundation, so you will have a smoother and more effective journey. Right now we are only available online until the Swedish Folhälsomyndigheten says otherwise.

Current situation analysis

This is the first step to be able to evaluate how far you have come in your agile transformation. We will focus on the areas that are important for the foundation, like mindset, leadership, collaboration, engagement, organisation and follow-up. We will do this by talking to people in the organisation and perform online surveys.

From here it is easier to come up with a plan together on what needs to be done to make sure you can move on fast and efficiently. This work takes at least a week to finish, but will depend on your company size, challenges, availability etc. We will share the results with you and can also give you suggestions.

Coach the organisation

Once the current situation analysis has been done, you can decide if you want to continue working with us for a bit longer or move ahead by yourself. If you wish to proceeed, we can help you set up a plan and also coach the organisation about mindset, frameworks, processes and tools.

Most of the work will be performed by you, but we will handle the coaching sessions and help out with online surveys, workshops, follow-up and everything else we agree on. Depending on your specific needs, the first month(s) we will spend more time with you to get started and then gradually we will be less required. The goal is always to make you independent as soon as possible.

One of our lessons learned is that for an agile transformation to be sustainable it has to be established in the management team first. Therefore, we often begin at the top and then move out to different parts of the organisation according to the common plan. And besides the coaching we also believe that sharing is caring, so we are happy to share insights, lessons learned and tips if you want.

Train the ambassadors

We want you to become independent as soon as possible, but also make sure that you carry on after we have left. An effective way of accomplishing this is for us to train key people in the organisation and make them ambassadors. You will then have the agile competence in-house and can easily move on without us.

Just like our service regarding coaching the organisation, most of the work will be done by you. We will take care of the training sessions and also share insights, lessons learned and tips if you wish.

Agile behind the buzzword

Maybe you are still not sure what agile means? Or if it would be good for your company? Or you even started an agile transformation and got stuck? Then you can book us for an hour or two to hear more about what agile means for real, find out how you can benefit from it and ask whatever questions you might have.